Chester & Hester’s: Part 3 Coca-Cola

Spending time plenty of time walking Jonathan around Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures, I noticed something odd: there are a ton of Coca-Cola references throughout the store. We have plenty of Coca-Cola connections as a family; I went to college directly across the street from the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, my Grandma is a former employee of a factory in Central Florida, and it is Rebecca’s favorite beverage. With so many connections, I decided to photograph all of the Coca-Cola items I could find within Dinosaur Treasures.

There are numerous Coca-Cola cases; some have empty glass bottles while others have dinosaurs in them. There is something that looks like a Coca-Cola cooler. There is an old school Coca-Cola vending machine. And there is a Coca-Cola thermometer.



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