• The FTN Universal Studios Report: 02-21-2013

      We spent the evening at Universal Studios checking out transformers which appears to almost be ready for the walls to come down, at least on the shrek side. The Springfield expansion is moving along, and so is the former amity area. Before we get to the photos we would like to ask our readers to Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and Follow Us on Instagram.

      Springfield Expansion:
      The transformation of the former International Food and Film Festival is moving along with the facades getting exterior walls and paint. It’s been rumored on Orlando United the final façade covering the restrooms will be that of “Androids.” On the other side work on the new flat ride is continuing with little visible developments other than dirt moving around. Over at the Kwik-E-Mart some new details are being added and along the pavement paint tests have appeared.

      Former Amity:
      The rumored Wizarding World of Harry Potter phase two has some more progress since our last look.

      Donkey Meet and Greet:
      It appears as soon as the pavement dries that the new donkey meet and greet could open any day now with the exterior mostly complete just missing some light.

      Transformers the Ride: 3D
      New paint and exterior details have been added to the upcoming attraction, It is hard to believe last june the former soundstage 44 was still standing. Along the New York side of the building the collums are being dropped in, with paint to soon follow. Over at the entrance brackets have been installed for the marquee. Along the lagoon the Supply Vault sign has been painted into the attraction exterior adding to the rumor it may be opening real soon. Contributing to this rumor universal filed for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy as reported by Parkrumors.com.

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