• The FTN Universal Orlando Report: 02-25 and 02-26-2013 *Updated*

      Transformers is one step closer to opening with the street between it and Shrek repaved and open to the public, Speaking of Shrek the brand new Donkey Photo Finish is completed and is now being used. Meanwhile the Springfield area is getting concrete added to the ground. Enough of this, onto the good stuff!

      Donkey Meet and Greet:
      While I did not visit the park early enough to see the facility in use as of today, it has opened and looks great. The new facility, even though it was made out of wood, appears to be high quality and detailed.

      02/26 Update:

      Springfield Expansion:
      While not much visible work has happened over the construction wall a peak through the walls reveals that the patio and sidewalk area is being poured, possibly to relocate the construction walls closer to the building to make way for another phase of construction. Recently there has been debate amongst the online blogs and publications regarding which facades will be used for the new restaurant. Everyone agrees Moes and Krusty burger will be used but what was previously though to the Kentucky Fried Panda might be a Gulp 'n' Blow instead, and as reported on Orlando United the restrooms will be covered up with an "Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop" facade. The location of the future flat ride remains in the same condition with excavator work happening.

      02/26 update:

      Former Amity:
      Construction continues on the brand new “London” area of the park for what is rumored to be phase two of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

      02/26 Update:
      more walls are appearing for the project

      Transformers the Ride 3D:
      The new road is fresh asphalt and the details along the building are almost completed. Along the lagoon facing road new asphalt was being poured before the rain happened today. The main entrance is getting a giant garage door which will be behind a rumored figure of Optimus Prime.

      02/26 Update:
      The Supply Vault sign has been installed over the side entrance of the shop which is rumored to be opening next month. Meanwhile more items are being added to the new york side of the building.

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      1. BGTKing's Avatar
        BGTKing -
        Seems like a crappy time to visit the park if you are on vacation with so many things under construction at one time.
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