Death of a Roller Coaster

Earlier this week, it was announced that Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure would be closing. This reminded me of when Python closed in 2006 at Busch Gardens Tampa. Python was the first roller coaster built at the park in 1976. It, along with a couple of other attractions, were removed to make way for the Jungala area that still remains today. Unlike some roller coasters that are simply moved when they close in a particular park, Python was demolished into many pieces.

In this article, we take a look at the complete demolition of Python in a series of exclusive, never before seen photos. We can only hope that Dragon Challenge receives a better fate when it closes down for good later this year. Be sure to click the link at the end to visit the entire gallery of 200+ photos.

While Python was not an amazing ride by any stretch, it was a good starter coaster to introduce kids or those afraid of roller coasters to a looping roller coaster.

Python stood 70 feet tall and reached a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

Python’s main element was the double corkscrew coming around a turn from the first drop.

Python was 1250 feet long and the ride lasted just over a minute.

RIP Python, 1976-2006

Check out the full Python Demolition Photo Gallery Here!

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