Disney Day 2, Part 1

Yesterday morning was extremely busy! Within a few minutes of entering the park, we were on our first ride, Peter Pan’s Flight. Unlike Monday, Jonathan was not nervous at all and thoroughly enjoyed his journey to Neverland (and back).

Next, we moved to “it’s a small world.” Jonathan was enthralled by all the color, motion, and sound. He did seem to want to go onto something faster pace however, so we headed to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. He really enjoyed the additional motion of the ride vehicle, especially Tigger hopping. Then we moved Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid. Jonathan enjoyed the colors and animatronics.

One ride we were really looking forward to,  based on its history with my own mom, was Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Jonathan made his Grandma proud by smiling and cooing the entire ride. We’ll be sure to ride it more when we visit the Magic Kingdom again.

We enjoyed a small breakfast at Gaston’s, eating a huge piece of cinnamon roll. It was quite delicious. Jonathan was then ready for a nap. Cousin Taylor and I went on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain while Rebecca tended to the sleeping baby. When we briefly woke up, we all snuck in a ride on the Haunted Mansion. We were worried it might scare Jonathan, but he loved it.

Once Jonathan woke up from a another brief nap, we headed for an adventure on the Jungle Cruise. We managed to survive without losing our heads or being eaten by the crocodiles. After a quick spin on Buzz Lightyear, we left the Magic Kingdom for the day around noon.


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