Disney Day 2, Part 2

After a morning of riding at the Magic Kingdom, we took the monorail to Epcot, which we walked straight through to the Boardwalk. We picked up a pizza at the Boardwalk pizza window and headed back to the Beach Club.

After devouring the pizza, we explored the hotel for a bit before changing and heading out to the pool. We all enjoyed a nice relaxing swim and drink by the pool (Jonathan had apple juice, don’t worry). Really magnificent pool at the Beach and Yacht Club.

After cleaning up, we headed to Epcot to explore and find a bite to eat. We ended up at Nine Dragons, the same restaurant that we ate at during our honeymoon. We enjoyed egg rolls, honey sesame chicken, and chicken fried rice along with a Lucky Buddha beer in a cool bottle.

To end the day, we all rode the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Jonathan really enjoyed following Nemo throughout the ride. We also checked out the views of the actual aquariums outside of the ride. Jonathan loved seeing the different fish swim by! Overall, it was a productive day!

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