Disney Day 3, Part 1

Unfortunately, day number three at Disney World got off to a rough start. The plan was to wake up and get to the Animal Kingdom before it opened at 9 am. We arrived early to the Beach Club bus stop around 8:20 am and saw the estimated time for the bus to arrive was in just a couple minutes. That time came and passed. Then the new time came and passed. Finally, a cast member reported that a bus at the Yacht Club had broken down and was blocking all other buses. Finally around 9 am, an Animal Kingdom bus arrived and we were on our way.

Our priorities going in were the Kilimanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest. Due to the bus delay, the safari was already a 45 minute wait when we arrived. With a seven month old, that is too long to wait in line without being able to use a stroller. So we headed to Everest with a quick 20 minute wait. Rebecca tended to a napping Jonathan while Taylor and I rode. It was a fun ride as usual. Going backwards caught Taylor off guard on her first ride on the attraction.

Next, we headed to Dinoland U.S.A. because Jonathan loves his dinosaurs. Fresh from his nap, we rode TriceraTop Spin with Jonathan. Like Dumbo, he loved every second of it. The girls then took a spin on Primeval Whirl while Jonathan and I checked out a gift shop. I bought him a cute little triceratops stuffed animal. After strolling through the rest of Dinoland, we headed back to Discovery Island.

On Discovery Island, the girls went on It’s Tough to Be a Bug while Jonathan and I took some photos and discovered animals on the Tree of Life. When the girls returned, we decided to get some lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue. We enjoyed a sampler platter (which was free, thanks to a young man giving us a meal voucher our first day while leaving Epcot) and fries with pork/cheese. It was a good meal for a quick service spot.

After lunch, with lines at the attractions all long, we walked around to some of the various animal exhibits. We picked up a couple of Wilderness Explorer badges in the process. With temperatures rising, busy crowds, and some Fastpasses coming up at Hollywood Studios, we finally left Animal Kingdom for the day.

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