Disney Day 3, Part 2

After leaving the Animal Kingdom, we headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the first time on this trip by way of a Disney bus. Upon arrival, it was easy to see that the park was pretty busy, but we at least had Fast Passes for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Star Tours.

One thing we don’t really like about Hollywood Studios is the lack of shade and plethora of black pavement. Combined with the crowds and narrow pathways, it was darn hot for a seven month old. However, we powered through and enjoyed our Fast Pass attractions. We also waited about 15 minutes for the Great Movie Ride so that Jonathan could partake in an attraction. Afterwards, we took the Friendship boat back to the Beach Club for the first time. It was a pleasant ride and welcome opportunity to sit down!

For dinner, Jonathan and I went to Hurricane Hanna’s outside of Stormalobg Bay while the girls headed to Disney Springs to meet Taylor’s family. I enjoyed a refreshing beer and buffalo chicken wrap while Jonathan napped. When he woke up, we took a stroll along the boardwalk before heading back inside for the night.

Here are some more photos from Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.


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